HY-TECH International, Inc.
International Directional Consulting & Engineering
Since 1979

Directional Drilling - Horizontal Drilling - Steerable Drilling Systems

HY-TECH was established in 1979 when there was a need for an independent directional company to combat the rising cost of drilling a deviated hole. As the major directional companies developed new tools, they began using these tools to drill wells that did not warrant such sophisticated equipment. This in turn increased the cost of drilling the well. HY-TECH has successfully drilled wells worldwide using only the equipment needed, therefore reducing the cost of the well substantially.

  • North America:
  • California, Nevada, Texas, Louisiana
  • Europe:
  • England, Turkiye
  • Middle East:
  • Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Dubai, Qatar
  • Far East:
  • Japan, Bangladesh

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